(English) Project manager

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TaxiStartup development team is growing. We need a project manager to help us meet release deadlines.

You will be working in a close collaboration with the product manager who will set priorities and goals, while together you will form release sprints.

You will be engaged in all development activities of the company, managing time and resources.

Your responsibilities are:

  • Keep track and manage all tasks in the product release.
  • Keep track and manage all customer requests for additional development.
  • Help the team overcome any obstacles.
  • Make sure deadlines are met.
  • Make sure stakeholders are informed about project/task status.
  • Make sure the team delivers and take the responsibility for the results.


  • Have an experience managing development teams.
  • Have a degree in tech.
  • Familiar with backend, frontend, iOS/Android, web development.
  • Have advanced English skills (able to read/write tech docs and literature, have conversations with natives, write emails, create task descriptions).
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