Saytaxi iOS App and TaxiStartup Driver iOS App are here with the new release

Eugene Suslo

Jan 29, 2014


I am happy to announce the launch of Saytaxi iOS App and TaxiStartup Driver iOS App.

CHAUFFY kick-off at TNW USA in New York

Eugene Suslo

Oct 11, 2013


There is a problem. You see, all our customers who work in private hire, black cab, limo are wise people, they see a great opportunity in the technology we provide and looking forward to grow their business, expand using the new tools and aiming on competing with Uber, Hailo, Lyft and other market-beakers here in US and in other regions. But most of them want to have their own brand, which seems cool, as they should fight for their business and their brand as believed it is recognised or yet to be by their customers. But looking from a passenger perspective, do they want to have a 100 apps on their smartphones? And do they want to instal a new app once they arrive in a new area?