(English) Really clear step-by-step guide to submitting your app to app stores.

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 25, 2018


How to submit a mobile app to app stores? Read this 11-steps guide to find out how to trouble-freely publish your app and maximize marketing impact of your primary listings.

Get more ratings & reviews to make your app popular

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 18, 2018


App ratings and reviews are important app store ranking factors. Many app owners do not even realize how essential it is to improve these on app stores. In this guide, you can find practical tips on managing app ratings and reviews.

Hacking mobile app promotion: one little thing nobody knows of

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 04, 2018

app store optimization

Doing your best for app store optimization? Eager to discover all ins and outs? We’ve got one golden tip to share — not many app owners know about this optimization trick, and not many use it. Read and learn more!

(English) How to outperform Uber on the App Store?

Julia Alexeenko

Mar 01, 2018


Just yesterday, our client, taxi company Kaiian, was ranked #1 on the App Store! In front of Uber. Learn best practices for getting to the top firsthand.