(English) Spring 0.19.6 release is coming with action pins on the city map

Dasha Skorinko

Mar 22, 2018

Featured image with pins

The spring is rolling out the leaves, and we are rolling out a new release for you! In the new 0.19.6 release, you’re getting some cool functionalities like action pins in dispatch panel and some driver app features you really needed.

(English) New driver search features. The ones you’ve been waiting for

Julia Alexeenko

Feb 07, 2018

Driver Search

A new driver search feature has been released! It brings all the convenience together for your operators to be fully in control of how the taxi drivers do their work. It is also possible to view the whole route of every order a taxi driver is completing.

(English) Introducing Order Editing: Change the Way You Manage Orders in Dispatch Panel

Natalia Korol

Aug 04, 2017

order editing

Your operators gonna love this feature that you can start using right now. Easily change pickup or drop off locations; reassign a driver; add notes or edit passenger details. This feature will fundamentally change how you manage orders in the dispatch panel.

(English) Limited Dispatch Panel Meets Your Local Government Requirements

Natalia Korol

Jul 06, 2016


Check out a new type of dispatch display - limited access dispatch, which will help you to be in compliance with the local laws. It can be also called a ready-made government solution since in some cases in order to acquire the license for a taxi business, the inspectors should be able to access the dispatch any time and check how many cars are online.