(English) The Future Of Self Driving Cars

Eugene Suslo

Mar 04, 2015


What is it about self-driving cars that makes people nervous? Is it the lack of control? Is it the possibility of a car accident? Or is it the fear that we a replacing humans with machines? The conversation about self-driving cars can either be an exciting conversation of what the future may look like, or a heated debate about the safety concerns of a machine operated vehicle. Whatever side of the debate you are on, self-driving cars are a very interesting concept. If you think that you can take your hour commute to work and make it a time to check email or read a book, this could be a far more productive time period. With the first prototype of the Google self driving car, it is time that we take a detailed look at the future of the self-driving car.

No Driver, no Cry. Why Taxi Companies Should Keep an Eye on Driverless Cars and Start Adopting the Practice

Eugene Suslo

Jun 03, 2014


A driverless car is a part of the Google empire. It is a car that drives itself. The programming and software behind the vehicles is labeled Google Chauffeur. The new technology is headed by the co-founder of Google Street View, Sebastian Thrun. The technology first appeared on the scene in 2005 at the DARPA Grand Challenge, where it won and later the technology received $2 million as a prize from the U.S Department of Defence. These autonomous cars are being tested in five states across the U.S. The first state to pass a law permitting the use of this vehicle, was Nevada back in 2011. Michigan followed suite in December of 2013. The Michigan law however, demands a human must remain in the drivers seat at all times while the vehicle is operational.

We have launched on Google Play!

Eugene Suslo

Feb 26, 2013


Only test apps for now, but let's see if you guys have any problems with them and we are ready to go production! App links are inside.