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(English) How to launch Facebook Ads

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 31, 2018


How to advertise on Facebook: the ultimate guide for app owners to launching and tuning Facebook Ads.

(English) 10 Strategies to Get More Customers

Natalia Korol

Dec 09, 2016


2016 will be wrapping up in a few weeks. Hopefully, it's been a successful year for you and your company. So why not invest some of your marketing budgets to grow your business in 2017? Below, you're going to see tips to help you grow, engage and retain customers and profits in 2017, and beyond. Give these 10 strategies a try.

(English) Launching Strategy: 3 Steps to Kickstart Your Business

Natalia Korol

Jul 27, 2016


In the world of marketing, there's no shortage of acquisition strategies designed to attract new audience. In this post I’d like to share 3 steps to build buzz for your company at no cost. Sufficient preparation is what separates successful product launches from the ones that crash into your neighbor’s backyard. If you want your product to leave orbit, take action.

(English) How to Market a Taxi Business: 7 Tips to Promote Online

Natalia Korol

Jun 28, 2016


It's common knowledge, that modern people spend most of their time browsing online. If you want to stay on board among all the competitors, promoting online - is a must. Whether you're just starting or have been in business for years, these proven online marketing tactics will help your taxi business find new customers without spending a fortune. Give your customers what they want by having a sound presence online. We are here to guide you through.