(English) Driver app with an improved UI – Meet 0.19 Release

Veronika Lindorenko

Jan 29, 2018

Release 0.19

A long-awaited version 0.19 of TaxiStartup platform is being launched. This time you get a modern design of driver apps together with real-time analytical reports and new payment gateway integrations. We hope these updates will make your workflow management more transparent and efficient.

(English) TaxiStartup’s Biggest Update Yet

Natalia Korol

May 02, 2017


A new version of TaxiStartup platform is emerging from the long winter hibernation! However, this release is different. Why? Well because you will notice many visual updates when you log in to your company panel, driver and even passenger apps. There are some powerful, new updates that will be game-changers for the smart marketers who take advantage of them.

(English) Apps are to Stop Supporting Android 4.03 and iOS 7

Natalia Korol

Apr 04, 2017

Apps are to stop supporting Android 4.0 and iOS 7

TaxiStartup will stop supporting passenger and driver apps on Android 4.03 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ and iOS 7 and earlier versions from the release of TaxiStartup platform v0.17.

(English) Maximize Your Driver’s Effectiveness by Adjustable Pick-up Area & Optimal Routes – New Version is Here

Natalia Korol

Aug 09, 2016

Ice Cubes Champagne Bottles_Ultra HD

We've recently released the new version bringing even more of your requests to life. Now, the drivers have the possibility to control the pick-up area, see online drivers and traffic jams on the map and more.

(English) Map on 1st Screen & Unlimited Favorite Addresses – Your Customers Will Love It

Natalia Korol

Jun 21, 2016


Find the map on 1st screen, allowing the client to choose the pick-up point right away. Check out the multiple favorite locations function, not only limited to 'home' and 'work'. See the renewed and updated web booking form and many more. That means our new release 0.14.1 - Aurora is out.

(English) Extended Driver Subscriptions – New Release v.0.13.4

Natalia Korol

May 16, 2016

New vehicle type- pedycab

Manage the driver’s order fees depending on the source of the order: passenger dispatch app, driver or our API. Track app installs and active users via Facebook SDK. Add new vehicle type - Pedicab and more new features and improvements were added to the latest version.

(English) Release 0.13.1-GRAVITY is out

Eugene Suslo

Mar 04, 2016


If you are just about to launch your operations and want to try out the system and apps, Demo Mode gives you limitless possibilities to do whatever you want without any risk to break anything. That includes: - Paying for trips with credit cards - Testing referral campaigns and coupon discounts - Testing with unlimited number of drivers - Testing multiple vehicle classes and many more

(English) Fixed Rate Zones and Custom Rate Names – Release 0.12.6

Eugene Suslo

Feb 04, 2016


I am glad to introduce fixed rates between zones. It is now possible to set fixed rates for airport trips, or trips between districts. You can also set a priority for overlapping zones, like when want to set a fix rate for trains station trips, while train station is within a central city zone.

All New Unified Design of Your Mobile Booking Apps is Out with the Release 0.10.3

Eugene Suslo

Jul 14, 2015


It is my great please to introduce the changes combined in the new release starting off with the whole new booking apps. Buckle up..

Hotfix release 0.9.8 is landed on production

Eugene Suslo

Mar 07, 2015


In case you haven't noticed, yesterday we have released an update - v0.9.8. Here are a few new things you get...