(English) Bulletproof payment solutions for the whole world

Julia Alexeenko

май 24, 2018

Payment Gateway

A reliable payment gateway solution is crucial for an app-based business. It allows making the money flow smooth and bullet-proof. Read more.

(English) How to promote your taxi app with social media influencers

Shanna Mallon

май 10, 2018

Social media influencers

Want to start with influencer marketing but have no idea how to? This is a perfect first-steps guide for a taxi company. Explore and enjoy! Read more.

(English) Go partners with local airports (it’s a piece of cake!)

Julia Alexeenko

апр 25, 2018

Transfer from the airport

Ever thought of how to make your taxi transfer services really handy? Taxistartup system has an ideal solution that allows you collaborating with the third parties. Check it out! Read more.

(English) Automate your driver billing & payout

Julia Alexeenko

апр 05, 2018

Driver Payout

As a taxi company, you probably have (or plan to have) an impressive fleet. This means, the number of drivers you’re managing grows almost constantly. Automated payout system is one of the tools meant to reduce the amount of management needed. Read more.

(English) Spring 0.19.6 release is coming with action pins on the city map

Veronika Lindorenko

мар 22, 2018

Featured image with pins

The spring is rolling out the leaves, and we are rolling out a new release for you! In the new 0.19.6 release, you’re getting some cool functionalities like action pins in dispatch panel and some driver app features you really needed. Read more.

(English) How to outperform Uber on the App Store?

Julia Alexeenko

мар 01, 2018

Kaiian #1 on the App Store

Just yesterday, our client, taxi company Kaiian, was ranked #1 on the App Store! In front of Uber. Learn best practices for getting to the top firsthand. Read more.

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