(English) Holiday marketing for taxi apps

Julia Alexeenko
Dec 06, 2018

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Here’s how to manage your seasonal activities, why it is important and how to get started with it.

Holidays being the busiest period of the year is a perfect time to reach your audience with the custom-made content. People are spending an increasing amount of time on mobile browsing for gifts, researching products, or buying last minute deals. There’s no better time for your audience to engage with your brand or try your product. All in all, holidays are a perfect time to remind the users about yourself to retain the existing audience.

The template we’ll talk about today is usable for any of your marketing activities, any holidays or occasion of your choice. Ready?

1. Set your business goals

Define what you want to reach with this holiday promotion. Think business and the stage of your development.

Are people aware of your mobility app at all? Are they at the point of considering it to be the best product among others? If you already operate you want to drive more conversion like installs and therefore get more successful rides. Focus on the numbers increase you want reach.

Here are some examples of the goals you can set:

  • Encourage installs of your app to increase the number of rides during the peak holiday season.
  • Create product awareness among the largest holiday audience.

2. Define the toolkit

marketing tools

Wise people say: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”.
Have your measurement plan ready beforehand to track your ads progress and change what works and what doesn’t on the go.

We provide a range of tools required for tracking your holidays (and not just these) campaigns.

Facebook SDK is integrated into every TaxiStartup/now Onde powered branded solution. You can request access to it from our support team. And the rest are custom requested analytics tools that are also integrated.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics collects all data on how people are using your app in one dashboard.

App users do not have to sign in via Facebook or even to have a Facebook account at all! Facebook SDK provides you with insights on app users demographic characteristics, devices they use, the pages they like. It is a great source of ideas on partnering with other companies your target audience is already engaged with. And guess what? The holiday season is the perfect time to start!

Here’s the list of all post-install events tracked by Facebook SDK. “Post-install” means you can see how people attributed to a certain ads campaign behave after they’ve installed your app.

facebook audiences

Keep track of the following events:

  • App install — user installs the app
  • App launch — user opens the app
  • Sign up for the app — user gets registered in the app
  • Booking confirmed — user books the services
  • Order cancelled — user cancels an order
  • Trip paid — user proceeds a payment for an order
  • Trip paid — user proceeds a payment for an order
  • Card added — user ties up a credit card to their account

Firebase by Google

Firebase Analytics tracks your app usage and also paid acquisition channels. If you want to use Universal app campaigns powered by Google for your iOS apps, Firebase is the only way to track installs for each campaign.

Advanced analytics that will include all the post-install events tracked by Facebook mentioned in the previous slide!


Spreading your budget across different acquisition channels is highly recommended — this is a fact. If you do so and want to track all the campaigns in one place, AppsFlyer is your best friend. And we have it integrated!

Also for those using Snapchat as an acquisition channel and want to track conversions, AppsFlyer is a must.

Analytics summary

These tools give you a great power to measure, target and optimize campaigns based on the real data from your app.

Tip: All the events that mean the most to your business are already integrated so you can start advertising and optimizing. Cool, huh?


3. Audience

Setting up your targeting is simply essential.

To understand your audiences, dive deeper into the demographics, location, interests and purchase patterns of your current and potential customers. The above mentioned Facebook analytics is a perfect tool for it.

Custom Audience

Advertising tools like Facebook and Snapchat allow setting up Custom Audiences based on different matching.

facebook custom audiences

Custom Audience is the way to address exactly the people who already know your business. Which is extremely profitable: these people are the most likely to take the targeted actions.

Lookalike Audience

Lookalike Audiences are lists of people advertising platforms make after analysing who the existing users of your app are. The interests, behavior and demographic characteristics of a Lookalike Audience are resembling to those of your active users. Accordingly, these people are very likely to join the brand community.

4. Define user acquisition channels

Arranging a whole system of mobile user acquisition activities and splitting the budget among them is what you need for an impressive result.

We recommend using trustworthy traffic sources like

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Universal app campaigns by Google
  • Snapchat
  • You can read about setting up campaigns with each of them in our blog.

    user acquisition channels

    Google Universal App campaigns (UAC) is based on machine learning algorithms. It means that they automatically advertise the app to the right users at the most relevant moments. Uber is using UACs extremely successfully in many locations.
    Facebook and Instagram (you use the same Facebook ads manager) provide extremely precise targeting possibilities having demographic categories such as even “People who like soup and are likely to buy a Tesla car in the next few months”.

    Snapchat is a live-video-streaming channel, especially popular among young folks looking for real, trustworthy content. The Snapchat’s specific format — short videos only available for watching for a rather short time span — engages enormous audiences all over the world. If you want to target a marketing campaign for young people and drive app installs specifically from them, Snapchat is the perfect fit.

    Creative formats

    The main rule is simple: look natural on the channel chosen. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

    *Image source: Snapchat. Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your App Store Page for Holidays

    Try testing out different formats and approaches: you basically never know what works best. Backing on your audience profile, use video on Snapchat, make 5-7 seconds pre-roll video ads on Youtube, try creating appealing stories. After you define audience and channels, choosing the formats needed will get easier — promise.

    Design approach

    Ads design

    You see, people don’t go to Facebook or Snapchat to look up the services they need. So there’s totally no use in advertising as if they were waiting to bump into your message.

    Get contextual. Work with the contexts people know: create something resonating with their beliefs and aspirations. Be fun. It’s Holidays after all!

    Play around with your users’ context. Holiday spirit is all around — you can become a part of it and add up to inspiring certain emotions. Remember not everybody is even happy with the holidays: some people feel stresses or lonely. You can try to create content to fit this mood. And make them smile.

    Storefront design

    Here’s the most contradictory design trick: icon and screenshots update.
    *Image source: SplitMetrics

    You can launch decorated creatives — but if you do so, you link your app with the topic. Make sure you have a special offer for it.

    My suggestions is: create a new service type discounted for the holidays or just rename an existing one.

    Design. Stand out if you dare

    You need to test different approaches. Say, when everyone else is decorating their creatives with mistletoe and talks about the beauty of Christmas, you can joke around the topic, mock it and use creative that gets you to stand out in the crowd.

    Brainstorm and be different. Humour and dare can be the best choice.

    Campaign template

    So, here a list of all decisions you need to make before starting a campaign.
    plan your campaign

    Explore partnership

    Seems like a lot of work? Well, no sweet without sweat.

    There’s also good news: you don’t have to do it alone!

    We can run campaigns for you, and here’s an early-bird offer. We can make creative custom designs for your ads on Snapchat specifically in partnership with the Snapchat team. They share the insights and what really works with their audience to make your campaigns as successful as possible.

    happy holidays


    You can request your holiday campaign now from your Account manager :)