(English) How to make a working website

Julia Alexeenko

Jan 03, 2019


Best practices of website design: a no-nonsense interview with a design guru

(English) Taxi and beyond: 11 rocking on-demand business ideas

Julia Alexeenko

Dec 18, 2018


n-demand is incredibly popular. What makes an on-demand startup idea a real great business? How to survive in the market and become a strong company? In this article, you will find cool on-demand business ideas and tips on making entrepreneurship successful.

(English) Holiday marketing for taxi apps

Julia Alexeenko

Dec 06, 2018


Holiday season is a perfect time to gain more customers. Make sure you didn’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the spending season and find ways to attract new clients with our effective holiday marketing strategy.

(English) Reports analysis and use cases

Julia Alexeenko

Nov 06, 2018

company reports

Are you already familiar with all Onde business analytics solutions? There is Company analytics of course, and Referral programs stats... Yet there’s more! Discover Company reports and a whole load of analytical data to your service!

(English) How to launch Facebook Ads

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 31, 2018


How to advertise on Facebook: the ultimate guide for app owners to launching and tuning Facebook Ads.

(English) Really clear step-by-step guide to submitting your app to app stores.

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 25, 2018


How to submit a mobile app to app stores? Read this 11-steps guide to find out how to trouble-freely publish your app and maximize marketing impact of your primary listings.

(English) How to Expand Your Business Without Overhead Costs

Natalia Korol

Feb 13, 2017

How to Expand Your Business

TaxiStartup has made it easier than ever for business owners to expand to additional locations without having outrageous overhead costs. When you think of expanding to a new region or city, you probably envision a call centre with a handful of operators, dispatching orders. But this familiar scene is starting to change now.

Как дать клиентам то, чего они хотят

Eugene Suslo

Oct 06, 2015


Разговаривали ли Вы со своими клиентами в последнее время?

4 шага к противостоянию против Uber на Вашем рынке

Eugene Suslo

Aug 25, 2015


В продолжение обсуждения тем построения бизнеса и ребрендинга таксомоторного бизнеса, настало время обсудить, как же увеличить продажи уже сегодня. Существует множество советов и хитростей, как начать строить собственный бизнес, но, пожалуй, самым тяжелым в этом процессе будет осознание – с чего именно нужно начать.

Держите ли Вы своих врагов близко?

Eugene Suslo

Jul 31, 2015


"Держи своих друзей близко, а врагов еще ближе".