(English) Holiday marketing for taxi apps

Julia Alexeenko

Dec 06, 2018


Holiday season is a perfect time to gain more customers. Make sure you didn’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the spending season and find ways to attract new clients with our effective holiday marketing strategy.

(English) Reports analysis and use cases

Julia Alexeenko

Nov 06, 2018

company reports

Are you already familiar with all Onde business analytics solutions? There is Company analytics of course, and Referral programs stats... Yet there’s more! Discover Company reports and a whole load of analytical data to your service!

(English) How to launch Facebook Ads

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 31, 2018


How to advertise on Facebook: the ultimate guide for app owners to launching and tuning Facebook Ads.

Get more ratings & reviews to make your app popular

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 18, 2018


App ratings and reviews are important app store ranking factors. Many app owners do not even realize how essential it is to improve these on app stores. In this guide, you can find practical tips on managing app ratings and reviews.

Branded vs. non-branded booking apps

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 08, 2018


The potential of white-label taxi apps is huge as it makes uber features stack available to any taxi company. But what’s better, a branded or a non-branded app? We compare the two solutions and discover the major differences.

Hacking mobile app promotion: one little thing nobody knows of

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 04, 2018

app store optimization

Doing your best for app store optimization? Eager to discover all ins and outs? We’ve got one golden tip to share — not many app owners know about this optimization trick, and not many use it. Read and learn more!

Drive app installs with Snapchat influencers

Julia Alexeenko

Sep 19, 2018

snapchat influencer marketing

Discover the power of Snapchat, the most genuine social network where all the young folks are. Learn to collaborate with Snapchat influencers and plan win-win app-install campaigns

Mobile user acquisition for apps explained: increase app installs and not lose your mind

Julia Alexeenko

Sep 12, 2018


Mobile app promotion requires serious lead generation marketing efforts. Optimizing your app is just one way to get more installs. But what are the other possible traffic sources for increasing app installs? We’ve collected the best ones for on-demand businesses.

(English) The main reason taxi companies fail to exist (spoiler: bad marketing)

Dasha Skorinko

Sep 07, 2018

white label taxi app

Paying little attention to marketing is a major mistake many taxi businesses make. Learn why marketing efforts make such a difference for young taxi companies in the Uber-driven industry and how to avoid mistakes in taxi marketing strategy.

Use Facebook Analytics and increase your app downloads

Julia Alexeenko

Aug 23, 2018


Facebook analytics is a brilliant tool for increasing the downloads of your app. Facebook analytics is integrated into the TaxiStartup solution and is easy to use while granting a plenty of insights on the business development and precise targeting.