(English) TaxiStartup Expands Partnership with MercadoPago Offering Credit and Debit Cards Payments in Latin America

Natalia Korol

июн 27, 2017

TaxiStartup Expands Partnership with MercadoPago

TaxiStartup expands partnership with the largest payment gateway in Latin America MercadoPago to provide credit and debit cards payments in Latin America. In collaboration with the MercadoPago team, TaxiStartup has made cashless payments via the booking app fast, easy and smooth.

(English) Custom-Tailored Payment Service for Passengers in Mexico

Natalia Korol

май 04, 2017

Payment Service for Mexico

One of our clients in Mexico needed a payment gateway that would work for its customers. They have just migrated from another taxi platform and applied to us asking for a solution to offer their passengers pay for the ride with a smartphone via the booking app. However, where there’s money, there’s fraud.

TaxiStartup представляет AmEx в качестве официального партнера по обработке платежей

Natalia Korol

авг 04, 2016

TaxiStartup & Amex partnership

У вас будет больше вариантов оплаты и возможность получить 10% возврата при всех платежах AmEx.