(English) Release 0.23.1 MIRAGE

Julia Alexeenko

Dec 03, 2018


Knock-knock! Who’s there? MIRAGE, the new TaxiStartup release! With more options for analytics and some cool features for Passenger and Driver applications. Learn everything — and go use it!


Julia Alexeenko

Sep 28, 2018


In the 0.22.1 release, TaxiStartup team has satisfied the most popular customer requests. There is a stunning heat map available in the dispatch and the Driver app now! The booking apps are enhanced with new features. We’ve also added new languages and have improved many tiny things of big importance.

Release 0.20.1 Heat Wave

Julia Alexeenko

Aug 10, 2018


Not only the stability of our system is growing. The number of great features is growing, too! Check out what we’ve got for your business development in the new release.

New analytics: how to use it to the max?

Julia Alexeenko

Jun 20, 2018


Heard of our company analytics yet? It gives your business all the data for better performance. You can always look up statistics that matter. This article explains how to get the most out of it.

(English) Spring 0.19.6 release is coming with action pins on the city map

Liz Shvyndikova

Mar 22, 2018

Featured image with pins

The spring is rolling out the leaves, and we are rolling out a new release for you! In the new 0.19.6 release, you’re getting some cool functionalities like action pins in dispatch panel and some driver app features you really needed.

(English) Driver app with an improved UI — Meet 0.19 Release

Liz Shvyndikova

Jan 29, 2018

Release 0.19

A long-awaited version 0.19 of TaxiStartup platform is being launched. This time you get a modern design of driver apps together with real-time analytical reports and new payment gateway integrations. We hope these updates will make your workflow management more transparent and efficient.

Реальные водители на карте, перевод средств в приложении — вышла новая версия TaxiStartup

Natalia Korol

May 02, 2017


Высокий сезон не за горами, и мы рады предоставить вам и вашим клиентам новые впечатления от бронирования такси через ваши брендированные iOS и Android приложения. Представляем вам новую версию платформы TaxiStartup — 0.17.

(English) Apps are to Stop Supporting Android 4.03 and iOS 7

Natalia Korol

Apr 04, 2017

Apps are to stop supporting Android 4.0 and iOS 7

TaxiStartup will stop supporting passenger and driver apps on Android 4.03 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ and iOS 7 and earlier versions from the release of TaxiStartup platform v0.17.

Улучшайте эффективность работы Ваших водителей, благодаря регулировке зон посадки пассажиров и следованию по оптимальным маршрутам.

Natalia Korol

Aug 09, 2016

Ice Cubes Champagne Bottles_Ultra HD

Теперь у водителей есть возможность контролировать зоны посадки пассажиров, видеть всех водителей, находящихся онлайн, следить за пробками на карте и многое другое.

Карта на 1-ом экране и безлимит на избранные адреса – ваши клиенты полюбят это

Natalia Korol

Jun 21, 2016


Приложение теперь открывается с картой на 1-ом экране, позволяя клиенту выбрать точку, где его необходимо забрать. Мы провели опрос среди тестовых пользователей и конверсия следующего шага удвоилась.