success story
(English) How to outperform Uber on the App Store?

Veronika Lindorenko

мар 01, 2018

Kaiian #1 on the App Store

Just yesterday, our client, taxi company Kaiian, was ranked #1 on the App Store! In front of Uber. Learn best practices for getting to the top firsthand.

(English) Kaiian: “Starting a taxi business is a social move”

Julia Alexeenko

фев 22, 2018

Kaiian success story

Kaiian, young but strong Saudi-Arabian company, telling how to compete with Uber and how to become a family member for your clients.

(English) Sudan’s Very Own Uber — Tirhal Taxi Success Story

Natalia Korol

июл 27, 2017

Taxi Sudan

Tirhal is the Sudanese version of Uber. In less than a year the company can position itself as a market leader with over 2,000 cabs to date. With sanctions preventing Uber from operating in Sudan, there was an opportunity for a local transportation service. Mohamed and his partners found the ideal solution in the TaxiStartup software.

(English) Switching the Fleet to Electric Vehicles — Saytaxi Albania Success Story

Natalia Korol

апр 26, 2017

saytaxi Albania

Saytaxi joined TaxiStartup platform presenting the ‘Last mile’ program aiming at the reduction of CO2-emissions. It has already achieved some great results – including a 10X increase in orders, and today 70% of its clients prefer to book electric vehicles.

(English) The New ‘Unattended Children’ Trend that’s Shaking Up the Taxi Service — FemiTaxi Success Story

Natalia Korol

мар 09, 2017

unattended children

First, let me ask you a question – as a parent, would you leave a child alone in a car? What about sending him alone in a taxi with a stranger? The majority will say ‘No’, but with the appearance of an ‘unattended children’ service from FemiTaxi, many families in the city of São Paulo have changed their mind.

(English) Bahrain Taxi Success Story

Natalia Korol

фев 23, 2017


Bahrain Taxi placed a request to develop mobile applications, that would make it easier for drivers and passengers to book and track rides. Previously the company was reliant upon alternative solutions and apps that were not built for taxi business, but after a period of time, it became impossible to grow and expand without an advanced technology behind.

Как создать водительскую сеть без бюджета — история успеха компании Exnet

Natalia Korol

янв 04, 2017


Давайте посмотрим на историю нашего клиента Exnet, как он построил эффективную водительскую сеть с платформой TaxiStartup с результатом в 7600 скачиваний и установок приложений в течение 6 месяцев.

Как соответствовать требованиям экономики, используя готовую платформу TaxiStartup

Natalia Korol

окт 26, 2016

on-demand service

Нажать на кнопку и получить специалиста. Звучит революционно, не так ли? Это именно то, что обещают сервисы «On Demand» (по требованию), возникающие сегодня в различных сферах.