7 Must-Have Features for an App Like Uber

Natalia Korol

Mar 29, 2017

7 Must-Have Features for an App Like Uber

Every day our support and sales agents hear from our clients that they would like to build an app similar to Uber. This idea is widespread. Uber is indeed a huge success and it has really changed the whole concept of taxi and ground transportation. Once an idea is in place, a nightmare arrives...

Growth Plan Explained

Eugene Suslo

Apr 01, 2016


Growth plan is first of all targeted at increasing your fleet size while keeping your expenses low. What happens is that you only pay for the drivers who are actively working, thus you can add as many drivers as you want, without being afraid of the costs going up. An "actively working" driver is the one who has done a minimum number of jobs per month, calculated as (cost per driver)x2. If a driver has done 0 jobs - you don't pay anything. If a driver has made less than a minimum number of jobs per month you pay a proportional amount depending on the number of jobs he/she has done.