No Driver, no Cry. Why Taxi Companies Should Keep an Eye on Driverless Cars and Start Adopting the Practice

Eugene Suslo

Jun 03, 2014


A driverless car is a part of the Google empire. It is a car that drives itself. The programming and software behind the vehicles is labeled Google Chauffeur. The new technology is headed by the co-founder of Google Street View, Sebastian Thrun. The technology first appeared on the scene in 2005 at the DARPA Grand Challenge, where it won and later the technology received $2 million as a prize from the U.S Department of Defence. These autonomous cars are being tested in five states across the U.S. The first state to pass a law permitting the use of this vehicle, was Nevada back in 2011. Michigan followed suite in December of 2013. The Michigan law however, demands a human must remain in the drivers seat at all times while the vehicle is operational.