gps meter
Introducing a Revolutionary Tracking Algorithm, Which Makes Fare Calculation Work Smarter, Quicker, and More Precise

Natalia Korol

Nov 11, 2016

inaccurate gps

Many ride-sharing applications are using similar GPS method of calculation of fares. But it seems that GPS doesn't accurately calculate the distance traveled. TaxiStartup new track processing algorithm detects and excludes any fallouts, thus improving distance estimation accuracy and fare calculation.

Credit Card Payments, GPS meter and Rates Calculation

Eugene Suslo

Jun 23, 2014


Yes, that’s right. Now your customers can pay for the trips right from your branded app. It is seamless, easy to use and links right to your bank account. And the cost is now automatically calculated based on the rates you set. Easy. No cash. No hustle. Just what customers love.