What It Takes to Develop a Ride Booking App and Shouldn’t You Just Do It from Scratch?

Eugene Suslo

Jul 25, 2016


If you ever cross this article you have probably thought about bringing your business to the world of mobile apps and web booking. You also probably already have some dispatch/management system, and all you need is a simple app and web widget to get your going and win over Uber&Co mafia.

How Taxi Companies Can Stay Competitive

Eugene Suslo

Jul 30, 2013


The basic idea behind taxicabs hasn't changed much over the years. The cab stops, you get in and ride to your destination. You pay the driver and get out. It's a simple transaction that occurs millions of times every day, all around the world. What is changing is the way that customers hail the cab. The days of standing on the curb, waving madly and whistling to get the driver’s attention are long gone. Now you just whip out your phone, make a couple of clicks and your cab arrives at the curb, right when you need it. It's quick, efficient and it really works.