5 Ways to Improve Your Taxi Company and Stay Competitive

Eugene Suslo

May 27, 2016


I won't make a discovery if I say that a taxi business is way too outdated. We carry a powerful computers with a 4 core-processors in our pockets, yet we call an operator, hold on the line, use our names as ids, and all that is just to get a taxi. Yes, all those taxi apps are booming, but most of them ignore a taxi company as a middleman and connect passenger with driver directly. That's not too good for the service level and from an administrative prospective, after all, drivers are meant to get people from A to B, not to handle office tasks - that's what taxi company stuff is for. So the companies are not going anywhere, though now they would need to stay competitive like never before!

The First Step In Recovery Is Admitting You Have A Problem

Eugene Suslo

Jul 15, 2015


I flew in late to Indianapolis for a business trip and found myself in line to take a Taxi to my hotel. This was not my first trip to Indianapolis, so I knew this was only a 15 minute ride to my hotel, which past experience and Google Maps helped me with this determination. It was a good thing that the Taxi line was short, seeing as coming from California I was not prepared for the midwest cold that evening. I got into my Taxi and I was off to my hotel.

Chinese City Bans Taxi Finder Smartphone Apps, Threatens to Punish Drivers Who Use Them

Eugene Suslo

May 28, 2013


Taking a cab in China can be a real pain, but increasingly, smartphone apps can make the process quicker and easier by allowing you to contact many drivers at once and giving them a very precise read on your location. Passengers love it because it helps them find cabs, and drivers like it because it helps them find passengers. But apparently the Shenzhen Department of Transport doesn’t love it, because Southern Metropolis Daily is reporting that cabbies around the city have been ordered to remove taxi-finding apps from their phones. Lame.