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10 Strategies to Get More Customers

Natalia Korol

Dec 09, 2016


2016 will be wrapping up in a few weeks. Hopefully, it's been a successful year for you and your company. So why not invest some of your marketing budgets to grow your business in 2017? Below, you're going to see tips to help you grow, engage and retain customers and profits in 2017, and beyond. Give these 10 strategies a try.

SMS Marketing: How to Grow Your Mobile App User Base

Natalia Korol

Aug 03, 2016

SMS marketing

How do you convince customers to interact with your product? Let’s say you have clients that haven’t been using your application at all, but ordered a taxi calling the dispatcher. The clients’ contact information is stored in the dispatch system and stays unused. Have you thought that you could easily convert those clients into your app users? With adding text messaging, you can generate a constant flow of new customers at a sustainable cost in a short period of time.

How to Market a Taxi Business: 5 Tips to Promote Offline

Kate Baturyna

Jun 16, 2016

offline marketing

Opening a company, of course, you should start with all the inevitable processes such as licensing, insurance, vehicles, etc. But what is extremely important is Marketing strategy. If you hope to be successful at running a taxi company, you need to know how to market and promote a taxi business. Here are a few ideas for you to advertise offline.