Custom-Tailored Payment Service for Passengers in Mexico

Natalia Korol

May 04, 2017

Payment Service for Mexico

One of our clients in Mexico needed a payment gateway that would work for its customers. They have just migrated from another taxi platform and applied to us asking for a solution to offer their passengers pay for the ride with a smartphone via the booking app. However, where there’s money, there’s fraud.

Spring Update: TaxiStartup Extends the List of Countries to Support PayU Payment Service

Natalia Korol

Mar 14, 2017

credit card payments

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably thought about increasing revenue by accepting credit cards. Good news! More TaxiStartup partners can offer passengers to use their smartphones & credit cards to pay for taxis via PayU service.

Increase Your Income With Credit Card Payments – a New Gateway PayU is Added

Natalia Korol

Oct 03, 2016

a new gateway PayU is added

Nowadays credit and debit cards are nearly as common as cash. Almost everyone has at least one in their wallet. Today we are happy to announce that TaxiStartup platform supports a new payment gateway - PayU. That means that now passengers in Latin America will be able to pay for a ride with one click.