7 Must-Have Features for an App Like Uber

Natalia Korol

Mar 29, 2017

7 Must-Have Features for an App Like Uber

Every day our support and sales agents hear from our clients that they would like to build an app similar to Uber. This idea is widespread. Uber is indeed a huge success and it has really changed the whole concept of taxi and ground transportation. Once an idea is in place, a nightmare arrives...

6 Key Success Factors Behind Uber Growth

Eugene Suslo

Sep 21, 2016

Uber growth

Uber is making it less of a need to own a car and instead purchasing rides. Investors feel as if the service could have huge implications on society as it stands at this very moment. In an effort to expand it services to other markets Uber has experimented in several areas to include Uber ice cream services, bbq, and roses for valentines day. Uber is just one step in the direction of a new taxicab like experience.

What It Takes to Develop a Ride Booking App and Shouldn’t You Just Do It from Scratch?

Eugene Suslo

Jul 25, 2016


If you ever cross this article you have probably thought about bringing your business to the world of mobile apps and web booking. You also probably already have some dispatch/management system, and all you need is a simple app and web widget to get your going and win over Uber&Co mafia.

Is A Deregulated Taxi Really That Bad?

Eugene Suslo

Nov 12, 2015


Taxis need to stop protesting and start competing, but this is easier said than done, as Uber and Taxis are not playing on the same playing field. Uber is able to operate without the same regulations as Taxis. Given this is the case, we are now at a crossroads. Regulate Uber or deregulate Taxis?

Should Taxi’s Really Spend Time Protesting?

Eugene Suslo

May 14, 2015


Globally the taxi industry is under fire in what has turned into a global Taxi War. Who started this? Uber. Uber brought a disruptive technology and it is destroying a long standing industry. Taxis can complain all they want about Uber not being regulated like a Taxi, but unfortunately you cannot rely on political officials to fight your battles.

Taxi Apps Need To Look Globally

Eugene Suslo

Apr 14, 2015


The landscape of the taxi industry is changing and changing rapidly. There is really one force which has sparked this astonishing change, and that is Uber. Really, it was Uber that started the disruption with a ride hailing app, but it is now the job of taxi companies to finish it. There is no better place to do this than in the markets where Uber is being halted, or is not in, and that is in the “developing world.”

The Uber Future – Shaping The Taxi Industry

Eugene Suslo

Mar 23, 2015


Uber is arguably the largest name currently in the transportation industry. They get good press, bad press, and everything in between. Whatever your opinion of the “ride-sharing” company, the one thing you can count on is they will shape the Taxi and Limo service industry’s future. With Google Ventures even giving Uber their vote of confidence, there is no doubt they will be around for a while. Uber is an interesting company and it fuels a very hot debate with regards to safety, ethics, and their place in the industry. Lets face it, the opposition comes from the world of Taxi’s who are desperately trying to compete, as well as keep Uber out of their cities.

The Self-Driving Car And Taxis

Eugene Suslo

Mar 18, 2015


The self-driving will be a reality in our lifetime and the advent will be a disruptive technology in the same magnitude as the train. When the advent of the train came along, you went from transporting a few people or things by horse, to transporting large numbers of people and goods long distances at an alarming speed. This created the first forms of globalisation and created the wide spread practice of global trade. The effects were staggering to mans progression. The next was the advent of the automobile, which allowed every individual to be mobile at a rapid pace to anywhere there were roads. Now, society is faced with the self-driving car which will allow people to get places and no longer need a vehicle.

The Future Of Self Driving Cars

Eugene Suslo

Mar 04, 2015


What is it about self-driving cars that makes people nervous? Is it the lack of control? Is it the possibility of a car accident? Or is it the fear that we a replacing humans with machines? The conversation about self-driving cars can either be an exciting conversation of what the future may look like, or a heated debate about the safety concerns of a machine operated vehicle. Whatever side of the debate you are on, self-driving cars are a very interesting concept. If you think that you can take your hour commute to work and make it a time to check email or read a book, this could be a far more productive time period. With the first prototype of the Google self driving car, it is time that we take a detailed look at the future of the self-driving car.

More and more drivers hate to work with Uber

Eugene Suslo

Sep 13, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 2.54.23 PM

Looks like a lot of drivers are disappointed with Uber. That is actually terrible, as they should understand that drivers are their customers! Not actual passengers. Passengers are the customers of their customers...